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Coming up with good ideas to write about can be a real grind. So what can inspired you to get your brain thinking, and the ideas rolling in?

Despite tonnes of articles on How To Increase Hits To Your Website, there are two sure fire ways to increase hits to your website or blog. Buy them and generate them.

Russia reveals Popigai Astroblem that can supply trillions of carats of diamonds for the next 3,000 years.

The world of blog is quite exciting because you're able to write about topics which you love, and you can possibly make some money while you're doing it. Read further for five things that a blog must have.

Did you know any indigenous people in your country? Malaysia will celebrate the World Indigenous Peoples Days 2012 in Miri, Sarawak this August 09, 2012.

Need some motivation? Read inspiring qoutes from the best athletes in the world.

A local Malaysian bank lost RM75mil after it bought fake gold. The scam was carried out recently by individuals through the Islamic pawn-broking (Ar-Rahnu) service provided by the bank at several of its branches.

Paracel and Spratly island chains in South East Asia has a new city named Sansha and it belong to China.

Latest quote from Judge Colin Birss: Samsung Did Not Copy IPad, there are just uncool.

When was your last promotion? If not, there might be something you can do about that. Learn 11 ways on how to get promoted.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Pedro C. Hallal, one in 10 deaths is now attributable to inactivity. Find out the Top 10 Laziest Countries and surprise, surprise, Malaysia is among the Top 10 Laziest Nations.

Apple is yet to release ANY details about it's upcoming iPhone 5 model but it is already on sale in China. But is it the real thing.

Usually it’s a problem when you can’t remember a password. Neurosecurity, a new security technique mashes up cryptography with neuroscience to create passwords that are stored in users' brains but cannot be recalled, recited, or otherwise extracted by another party.

Hackers are not a superbeing clever of hacking other people's people password but careless Internet users who used easily-guessed passwords that make their hacking job an easy meal. Learn their Top 10 Favourite Passwords and avoid those mistakes.

Who said you can't Make Money in Islam.

How Feng Shui can influence your blogging sucess. Read Feng Shui and Blogging

    Chinese telecom firms Huawei and ZTE, a security risk to the United States? Why is it China's fault if the USA is no longer capable of producing high-tech telecommunications hardware?

Venezuela tops the ten cheapest countries in the world for petrol - at 8p a litre. It is so cheap in Venezuela that petrol smuggling is thought to be a bigger business than drug smuggling – with neighbours such as Colombia paying more than 40 times the price for petrol, you can see why.

The first HD picture beamed by NASA rover Curiosity after it landed on Mars on August 06, 2012. The wheels of Curiosity have begun to blaze the trail for human footprints on Mars.

Rant about your latest receipe or recent vacation. And while you are at it, why not research on how to Earn Money from Blogging. Blog as usual about your interest and make money at the same time.

Need some real extra money? Try getting free money from the government.

Wi-Fi is about to get absurdly fast. New 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard will offer peak download speeds at a whopping 7Gbps, more than 100 times faster than the current generation of Wi-Fi technology.

At 3,281 feet, Kingdom Tower, will soon be The World's Tallest Building.

Ohangwena II, the vast aquifer recently found in Namibia could last could supply the north of the country for 400 years at current rates of consumption. Now it is up to the young Namibians to manage their country's water resources properly.

On July 12, 2012, security researchers warned that thousands of people could be vulnerable to hackers after Yahoo confirmed that about 450,000 usernames and passwords were stolen from one of the company's databases. Get some simple Tips on Remembering Strong Passwords to protect your online account as well as your blogging account.

How can you tell if money is real or fake?

Can't get enough real cold cash? You can always use the Fake money templates to print fake money.

Pitching for a pay raise but need some sample letter? Have a look at this Sample letter of Pay raise or Salary increase.

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