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Fake Money Templates

Can't get enough real cold cash? Get load of fake money today. Fake money templates are used to print fake money. That’s because a money template is a layout of actual bills, that are used to print off new currency. In the case of fake money templates, the templates print off fake currency, or fake money. Vendors called this novelty money.

Expert money forging criminals can actually print fake money to make it look like real. Those are called counterfeit and use to purchase goods and services from unsuspected sellers. Fake money on the other hand are for leisure use only.

Fake money is a great way to teach children about the responsibilities of money spending, saving, and making purchases with their own cash. As a child, in third grade, our teacher used fake money, printed off with a fake money template, creating realistic looking fake money.

Beside educational purpose, bloggers actually blog about fake money to gain traffic.

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How to Make Printable Fake Money

Printable fake money is a great engaging way to teach kids about commerce, responsibility, and even math! Free money templates are available online, where you can print play money for your children or students.

Things You'll Need:
* A color printer
* Thick, "resume" paper
* Paper-cutter

1. There are many websites offering free printable fake money, but we'll stick with the most popular and easy one: www.printablefakecash.com. From there, you'll find free .pdf templates for $5, $20 and $50 bills. Save all of these templates somewhere easy on your computer (My Documents or the Desktop).

2. Next, load your printer with the thick, white or grey resume paper. Print off one sheet of each currency per child (each sheet will have four pictures of the bill on it).

3. Next, using either scissors or a paper-cutter, cut out the money pictures from each sheet. For a more authentic look, use a gluestick to paste two bills back to back (so they're double-sided).

4. Once you have all of the bills ready, you can play different games to teach about math and spending. Set up "shop," with pricetags on various things (box of pencils, a stereo, food). Ask your child or student: if you wanted X, Y and Z, could you afford it?

WARNING: This article is for those seeking to print play money to educate; these money templates are obvious fakes (watermarked with the words COPY) and attempting to actually spend them is a crime.

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